Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paper Flowers

A few months ago, a friend of the family died. I wanted to do something special for the family that would stand out from what everyone else does-which in my mind is buy flowers. So, being the poor, married, pregnant college student that I was, I decided to make a bouquet out of what I had lying around.

This was fairly simple. I made it out of five pieces of 12x12" paper for the flowers, and two smaller pieces for the base. I cute the 12" paper into four pieces (except the green), cut those smaller pieces into circular shapes, then cut a spiral in them, leaving a small circle in the middle where the spiral ended. Then I rolled the spiral up, and glued it to the circle in the middle. Next I cut out leaf shapes in the green, with a wide base so I could fold it in half to give it a creased look (which you can't really see). Then I bought some wires (the only part I bought. It was like $2 at the craft store), cut them in half, and glued them between the leaf and the flower. Next, I cleaned out an old asparagus can, melted wax from candles I had lying around, and poured it into my clean can. Then I stuck my wires down in the wax, and added the grassy stuff, and finally covered the can with paper for a nice vase look. 
Overall, it was pretty quick and easy. Done in less than half a day. But be warned, all that paper curling left my fingers a tad bit sore. But, I'm pleased with the result, and I think my friend will appreciate having it for years to come. (I hope... I'm bad with this whole memories of the dead thing) 

This shows the crease in the green a little better. 

Time: couple of hours, including gathering supplies.
Cost: $2- but varies based on how many supplies you have and how many you need to buy.

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