Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Birthday Liter

So, as many of you out there probably can relate, I have become a lover of Pinterest. So, when my brother's birthday rolled around in October (I know, so long ago!) I perused my boards and found this nifty idea. 

So, what you do is you get a two (or in this case three) liter bottle of soda (preferably one you enjoy) and empty the contents. Of course if you have a bottle just laying around, that's probably best. Anyway, once emptied, you clean the bottle out so it's not sticky, an cut a hole in the side where the name of the soda is. I recall this being tricky. I believe I had to stab it with a knife, then try and wiggle my scissors into it to cut it open, so be careful when you attempt this. I made three cuts so it could open like a lid and proceeded to fill it. My brother is a sugar-holic, so I just filled it with lots of candy from the dollar store. Depending on your recipient though, you could fill it with yo-yo's, bouncy balls, small dolls, coins, dollar bills, chap stick, make-up, cards... anything you think they would like that will fit. Next, you tape up the hole, cover the side with cute paper, and add a label if you would like. I just turned the wrapping paper around and used the white side. Also, I would suggest writing on it before you tape it to the bottle-much easier that way. Then I got some fun matching ribbons and tied them on top and added a bow and voila! A cute birthday present that everyone can love!
Time: An hour or so
Cost: I spent about $10 but it could easily cost more or less depending on what you fill it with.

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