Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Have you ever heard of the Rusty Pickle? They were a company who made scrapbook packets, and then give you instructions on how to make the pages. It's nice because you still get the joy of scrapbooking, without all the hemming and hawing of what paper you want to go with what for which event. (I think they went out of business, which is too bad. It really was a cool idea) So I have a few of these packets, but I don't have all the tools necessary for putting them together, so I mostly made up my own. So here's what they wanted me to make
 And these are the instructions that come with them.
Yeah right... 

So these are the pages I came up with

I think they turned out just darling! Now all I need is to print some pictures.... 

Time: 1 hour
Cost: ?? They went out of business :/

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