Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back with Christmas!

I have not written in quite some time! I would give you all sorts of excuses, but the truth is, I'm just not a writer. The good news is I have been crafting the whole time I've been absent, so I will have lots to share today! And from now on, this is how I will probably update my blog, one big heaping pile of posts every now and again. :)

SO! To start back up, I thought I would show you the cute stockings I made last Christmas.

Aren't they cute? My husband had specified that he wanted a BIG stocking, and since we're poor, I decided to make some. My mom had a box of Christmas fabric (thank heavens!) and I made up the patter by tracing a stocking my mom had hanging up, and then adding to it a little. 

I used the green ones as a pattern for the red. I just used the left overs to add the trim on top. 

This is me trying to figure out the logistics and seeing how it will turn out. 

 The finished product!

One of the best parts, both sides work! These were actually pretty simple to make, and for not having a pattern, I think they turned out splendidly! 

Time: 3-4 hours
Cost: For me, nothing, but if you wanted to do this, maybe $30? If you got the quilted fabric I used, and I have NO idea how much the white fluffy material would cost.

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