Sunday, October 9, 2011

Potpourri Vase

 As I went to dances throughout high school, I always kept the corsage given to me. By the time I had graduated, I had quite the collection on my hands! Also over the years, I had picked up a most interesting vase. One day, I decided to pluck the petals off of all the corsages one by one and put them in the vase to condense my collection to a more manageable size. For the record, plucking dried petals from a rose is actually quite difficult. But, I think the end result was worth it.
 This is an aerial view of the vase with some of the petals inside.
 What the final product looks like
Well... final product up to the point to which it's full. I finished filling it and bought a cork to put on top. It now sits on my 'antique' shelf at home with a few other crafts I have made. 

Total Cost: For me, $2 or so for the ten corks I bought. If you don't have a vase, you could probably find one for $5 or so at a thrift store or pawn shop.

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