Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When by Water... Construct a Raft!

Two years ago, for family vacation, my parents found a cabin about an hour east of Moab with a tiny little lake (I'm calling it a lake due to how deep it was). There were bugs all over that thing, so swimming was out of the question. So what else to do with all that water? Sail it. 

 Sometimes creativity and adventure meet! And those times are the best! There was a bunch of timber lying close to where this was constructed, so all it took was a few nails, and it surprisingly carried me across the whole lake.
Of course, towards the end, any hope of staying dry had been crushed. I believe I even took off my shoes, rolled up my pants, and tried to propel my small craft faster by hanging my legs off the side and kicking. 

Lesson to be learned? When by water, build a raft!

In other news, here are a few projects that I will be making in the near future:
  • Autumn pillows
  • Halloween and Autumn wreaths
  • Autumn garland 
  • Magic Wands
  • Possibly center pieces as well. 
Stay tuned!

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