Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Black Maxi Skirt!

For my first post back, we're going to do a not-so-good one. I found a how-to for maxi skirts on Pinterest, and they're really quite simple! But I like to add my own twist on things, so mine ended up a little funky where the seam is. Regardless, I wear this skirt just about any time I need to get dressed up for something! 
 See? It looks good from the front! Since it's black it doesn't show the detail as well, but I think you get the idea! 
Like I said, it's pretty simple. Just measure yourself, measure the fabric (which was given to me- score!) and cut out two strips, sew together, and bam! Maxi skirt! [Unless you are super impressive with making up patterns, I would suggest finding a real tutorial :) ]
Anyway, super fun! Give it a try! 

Cost: free! 
Time: an hour or two! 

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