Friday, September 13, 2013

Wrap it up Nice!

So,  don't know about you, but I LOVE presents. Getting them, giving them, opening them! I also LOVE pretty, done-up-more-than-necessary things! the more decor and detail, the more I love it! So when Pinterest started showing me all those adorable gift wrapping ideas, I decided I needed to join the club! Here are a few of my creations: 

This one was for my friend's Bachelorette party, so I made a corset box. It was a little trickier threading the ribbon through than I anticipated, but I think it turn out awesome! 

Then, of course there is my Fairy Godmother kit wrapping. I tried to theme this all around what I think a fairy would use. As you can see, there's a golden doily wrapped in rafia, tissue paper roses glittery leaves, flower adorned boxes... I really had fun with this one! 

And one I didn't show in my Fairy Godmother Kit:

How cute is this?! It was a Christmas themed box. So I just cut some pieces off of a brown paper bag, taped them on with wasi tape, and stamped a cute butterfly! The top is from a candle that has long run out! How fun, right?!

This next one is a wedding gift. There's a dollar store close to my house that has champagne glasses. SO FUN! so I tend to go spend ALL my money there. If you see a gift basket, it's probably a dollar store deal. (it really has the greatest stuff!) Anyway, since dollar store treats aren't especially fancy, I splurged and got some Martinelli's and Lindor chocolates too! Then I added the burlap, lace, and ribbons to the bucket. I think it turned out SO PERFECT! 

This next one is a birthday gift to my mom. I had a necklace hiding in the candy. This one was a quick one too, but I like how it turned out. I spray painted the jar silver (you guys, I LOVE spray paint!) Then I just dove into my cave of craft supplies and surfaced with what you see! Again, I think it turned out quite presentable, don't you? 

final touch, a swatch of fabric with the lid. 

Remember what I said about gift baskets? Yep! Dollar store! All except the Martinelli's. This was a real grab-n-go gift, so this is the only picture I managed to get. It has matching oven mits, hand towels, bowl, and green rubber spatula, tongs, and spoon! (and the champagne glasses too, of course!) Fun, huh?! It's seriously the greatest dollar store I have yet to find!

And lastly, for the chocolate lover! I have chocolate covered cherries in tulle with a crocheted flower (yes, I crocheted it myself!)  tying it together, tied into a ribbon with a Hershey's bar! Classic! 

So there you have it! Another brilliant way to let the creativity out! 

Just as a word of relief:  This isn't for everyone. I have heard a lot of complains about how Pinterest and sites like it are making holidays and parties and food impossible and ruining self esteem. This is something that makes me happy, which is why I do it. I don't want anyone to see this and feel they need to do the same to be a good person or to keep up. Do what you love! If you just enjoy looking at the cute stuff, but have no desire to make it yourself, GREAT! But if you do happen to be similar to myself, I hope I can inspire you and regardless of how you are, I hope you share your talents with the world!  

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