Friday, September 13, 2013

Fairy Godmother Kit

So, in my family, I have an aunt who was always pretty special in my life. Unfortunately, she lives across the entire country. So, when my li'l girl was born, I wanted to make her a part of my children's lives somehow. This is what I came up with:
Winner, right?! And the first thing I did once I came up with the idea was search the Internet for "fairy godmother kits" guess what it came up with... NOTHING! I know! I was shocked too!! You mean the artsy people who have made Pinterest what it is HAVEN'T come up with this yet?! I am very disappointed, artsy people. VERY disappointed. 
BUT that did mean I got to invent it all by myself. Which was fun! I wish I would have taken a year to put this together because I have found SO much stuff since that would have been PERFECT!! But that's okay! There are definitely more packages in the future. 
Anyway, I was super lame and didn't take pictures of most of the stuff :( so you just get these couple pictures. But you do get to see my super cute wrapping! And really, isn't that just so cute? I will tell you what I pit in the kit, so you can make your own! I didn't make most of these, because of the sheer amount I wanted to send, and I was trying to get it done ASAP, but I have seen lots of DIY for just about all of it. 
Kit includes: 
1: wings, crown, and wand- OF COURSE! What's a fairy without these? You can see the wand in this picture. It's the purple butterfly in the bottom left corner. Cute, right?! 
2: Fairy Party and Planning Book: "for when you are just too tired to think" ha! it was a very cute book filled with recipes, party ideas, decorations, etc. 

3: Cozy Comforts: have you seen those home-made heating pads? They are filled with corn or rice or beans or something, and you just heat them up in the microwave and put them on your shoulders? Yeah, it's one of those! Because being a Fairy Godmother is probably tough! 
4: Angel Pin: just a little broach to remind her she's my daughter's guardian angel!
5: Soaps: So I have a friend who makes her own soaps (they are AMAZING! I don't use any other kind of soap!) and when I told her about this, she found me some champagne scented soap with glitter on top (PERFECT! am I right?!), a cinnamon one with an actual cinnamon stick sticking out of it, and a pine scented one (fairies are all woodsy and stuff, right? Actually this one was my favorite and I'm DYING to buy another one for her for my own use!) They were such a perfect touch to the whole package! 
6: A Token of Love: this was just a little metal heart, but it was so cute and cheap I figured what the heck! 
7: Frame (with 3 pictures): I didn't think she had any pictures of my darling girl, so I found a cheap wooden frame, stained it all dark and pretty, and added spiraling rhinestones around for a fancy border! 
8: Bonus: Just a bit of fairy dust: My friend also had mini jars  (like the size of my thumb) with glitter and super tiny shells inside! It was SO CUTE! and she was so nice to let me have one!! 

How cool and creative is this?!?!?!

So there you have it! FIRST EVER Fairly Godmother kit! 
I hope I see more on Pinterest in the future! ;) 

Cost: You guys, I don't even know! Definitely at LEAST $50. But you could cut that down MAJORLY by making your own stuff!
Time: it took me two months to wrangle stuff together, wrap, and mail. 

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